Bringing Hope



We are so proud of this video about the great work Dr. John Chacha is doing with The City of Hope.  Mwendo created this incredible video and won the Storytelling Parade Cinematography Award with it!


Leaders of Tomorrow



We are so proud of how far are children have come! Thank you everyone for joining the cause to make a difference in the nation of Tanzania. The future is bright.



It’s simply amazing to see the confidence increasing in our children each day. Music is such a powerful tool and has helped many to be able to dream again. Smile and share their joy.


Meet Job



Job is a boy here at The City of Hope who loves to play and is thankful for the people who have taken care of him here! Thank you for your support of kids like Job!


Meet Ester



Ester is a beautiful young lady here at The City of Hope. She loves the schooling she receives and wants to be a Nurse when she grows up!

Thank you for supporting children like Ester and Teamwork City of Hope!


Meet Emanuel John



Emanuel John is a boy who loves God and loves others, helping people is something he cares very much for. Thank you for helping make a difference in his life!



At this time, TCOH has over 400 students coming to learn at Destiny Primary School. Some are our sponsored children while others come from the surrounding villages. There are also those who come from as far away as the Serengeti because they know the value of education. Right now our oldest students are getting ready to graduate from primary school, and we would like to provide them with the next step, a secondary school. This school in Ntagatcha will cost $375,000. It has an estimated completion time of two years and will allow for us to teach 1000 students at a time. If you or someone you know would like to contribute to this project financially you can donate here. Thank you!

OUR secondary school is important: HERE IS WHY:

1.The system of education in Tanzania is mainly based on Swahili as a medium of instruction. Destiny Primary being an English medium school will produce children who will require an English medium school at the post primary level. We are located where there is no such adequate local education. We need to provide appropriate secondary education ourselves.

2. As an organization committed to excellence, having our own secondary school will ensure continuity of better results and performance carried over from our primary school. Recently three of our children emerged at the top in the district examination.

3.Our school will be able to provide a learning environment that is Christian-based. This will help to raise a generation that is godly; firmly rooted and established in the word of God. We cannot find such a school in this area.

4.The location of the school is a blessing in itself. The school will continue to attract children  from the two warring clans and help build unity between them. The school will be instrumental in peace building, enhancing cohesion and eventual reconciliation of these communities that have never co-existed peacefully  for decades.

5.Our vision of nurturing and growing the dreams and talents of children with a focus on institutionalised self-sustainability, is one of a kind in this country. This has attracted the national government. The recent presidential delegation that came to TCOH emphasized the government’s determination to make it a national model school, where schools and other government agencies will be coming to learn and replicate these practice all over the country. Having our own secondary school will strengthen and fortify this resolve .

6.The school will provide much needed education to our TCOH children and the wider community which will help reintegrate our kids in the greater society.

7.The school is vital to the education of local community in which we serve. Providing an initial formal education , technical and agricultural skills, will help our children to grow up with a much better chance of earning their own living .

8.Demand for education is highly competitive, many children are left out as the number of schools has not kept pace with high population growth.

9.)ur school will create a secure and caring environments in which children of different abilities can experience success and achieve their full potential within a broad and balanced curriculum.

Characteristics of TCOH schools.

1.Provide wholistic program of activities

2.High quality teaching and learning

3.Child centred teaching programs

4.High standards of skill based training.

5.Moderate class size. 35-45 students.

6.Sensitive to plight of every child-this will not happen in public schools

7.Regular monitoring and evaluation to enhance and sustain quality.


Meet Consolata



Consolata was one of our first children to live in our children’s home. Thank you everyone who helped make a difference in her life!


TCOH Fall 2011



TCOH volunteer Michael Thornton  created this short video to show what the life of the children is like. We would also like to thank him for the many photos he took on his trip as many are featured on our site.


TCOH Overview Video



This is a Teamwork City of Hope update and overview. The video was created by Dr. Chacha’s son, Mwita, during his time there summer 2010. You can see more of his work at .